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If you are looking for an Amazon salad spinner, we have listed a few options for you in this article. 

  • Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner 

Oxo is one of the most widely recognized and highly trusted brands when it comes to durable, high-quality, and efficient kitchen tools. The Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner is no exception because it lets you easily wash and dry a large amount of lettuce, strawberries, vegetables, canned beans, and lots more. It comes in green & white; and its basket has the ability to handle enough food for a family meal. 

  • Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner 

Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner is the right tool to carry on your road trips, camping, and barbeques. It is also a great option for dorm life because this salad spinner actually reduces to just 3 inches when fully collapsed. In short, in case you need something that is compact but can handle washing and drying your lettuces, this 3-quart salad spinner with its silicone construction and collapsible design seems to be the right option. 

  • Farberware Professional Salad Spinner 

Farberware Professional Salad Spinner makes preparing meals for a crowd easier because of its large(5.5 quarts) capacity in the basket. Also, it has an approximately 7-quart bowl. This multifunctional salad spinner can also be used as a colander for other kitchen tasks, like draining pasta or washing other veggies. 

  • Duverole Salad Spinner  

Duverole Salad Spinner is one of the best multipurpose kitchen tools that primarily comes with an anti-slip bottom to provide better stability while you are in the process of spinning your salad greens. Due to its quick functioning, the Duverole Salad Spinner will prevent your greens from going soggy. It is one of the best salad spinners that you can buy from and the Duverole Amazon Store. You can also buy the Duverole vegetable chopper, and top quality water bottle from the Duverole store. 

  • Zyliss Swift Dry Salad Spinner 

The Zyliss Swift Dry Salad Spinner has a quality construction and works efficiently. Moreover, it has a ridged strainer basket to remove water. Even 30 seconds of spinning will efficiently remove excess water from your salad greens. All in all, Zyliss Swift Dry is a great salad spinner that won’t disappoint you. 

  • Cuisinart Salad Spinner 

If you are looking for a top-notch Amazon Salad Spinner, this BPA free kitchen product comes with a hole-in-the-top design, which enables you to add and drain water in your spinner without ever having to remove the lid. Moreover, it has locks on the sides to prevent your greens from spilling and we appreciate this time-saving trick.  

  • Rosle Stainless Steel Salad-Spinner 

You can buy this Amazon Salad Spinner online from It is fancy, it is functional, has a stainless steel bowl, glass lid, and there’s nothing low-rent about this spinner. You can use the bowl to serve as well after you have spun your greens dry. 

  • Westmark Vegetable and Salad Spinner with Pouring Spout 

Westmark Vegetable and Salad Spinner with Pouring Spout is easier to turn than many other spinners, and it can skid over the basket if you don’t turn it just right. The bowl that comes with this spinner has a decorative frosted design on the side that can also be used for serving purposes, and we liked that the lid can be inverted for space saving storage so the knob won’t stick out.  

Nitrate Rich Vegetables 

Researchers believe that Nitrate-Rich Fruit and Vegetable Supplement Reduces Blood Pressure in Normotensive Healthy Young Males without Significantly Altering Flow-Mediated Vasodilation, but more research is needed to authenticate this. 

Foods that are rich in nitrates include nitrate rich vegetables like leafy greens such as spinach and lettuce as well as fennel, rocket, radishes, Chinese cabbage, and parsley. Dietary nitrates in edibles like fennel and other foods have vasodilatory and vasoprotective properties which let them help lower blood pressure and also protect the heart. 

Nitric oxide is a primary vasodilatory factor released from endothelial cells of the peripheral vasculature as its production is stimulated through enzymatic-dependent mechanisms via Nitric Oxide synthase and from dietary intake of nitrate-containing foods such as spinach or you can take supplements. A study done on a relatively smaller number of participants found that blood pressure levels were lower after taking nitrate supplements. Spinach, bok choy, lettuce, and carrots are healthy sources of nitrates. 

Technically speaking, nitrates are a set of compounds that involve nitrogen and oxygen molecules and they are often associated with cured meats; but green, leafy vegetables are actually much richer sources of nitrates. Some studies suggest that eating foods that are rich in natural nitrates can help reduce your risk of some of the chronic health conditions and are good for your general wellbeing, whereas eating those foods that are high in added nitrates can also cause health risks. While spinach is a great addition to salads, this leafy vegetable is also a great source of natural dietary nitrates. While we cannot say how much nitrate spinach contains because the amount widely varies depending on the growing conditions, a 100 g serving of fresh spinach contains anywhere from 24 to 387 mg of nitrate. On the other hand, bok choy, which is out of the cabbage family, is the highest in nitrates. While the amount of nitrates in bok choy varies depending on the growing conditions, it can contain anywhere from 103 to 309 mg of nitrates per 100 g. Although people don’t consider lettuce for being rich in nutrients, it does contain a significant amount of natural nitrates which can range between 13 and 267 mg of nitrates per 100 g servings of lettuce. In addition to the leafy vegetables, carrots are also a good source and are one of the nitrate rich vegetables. This root vegetable contains anywhere from 92 to 195 mg of nitrates per 100 g serving. It is important to note that many processed meats are high in nitrates, but these nitrates use for preserving and improving the color of food, they are not good for human health. 

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